10 Best Free AI Tools Online for Business and Personal Use | Worth Trying

Updated on August 22, 21:38

By meghana-kulkarni

10 Best Free AI Tools Online for Business and Personal Use | Worth Trying

In the last few years, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have grown at a very fast rate. People can now buy AI goods that work on their own, and many of them are being used in daily life.We wanted to try out some of these tools, so we put together an article about the best free AI tools you can use online

The best thing about these AI tools that are free is that you can use them right on your web computer. We also like how well these apps are made. They have a clean user experience and make it as easy as possible to use them. So, let's start and learn more about AI!

Boost Your Biz or Personal Needs with these best 10 Free AI tools online

1. DALL-E 2: Ai Phot maker

Artificial intelligence is used in Dall-E 2, which is a free, open-source picture creator that anyone can use. It's pretty easy to use; you just type what you want, and Dall-E 2 makes a picture that you can download. Even if you add more details to your questions and make them more detailed, Dall-E 2 still makes a beautiful picture.

2. ChatGPT with GPT3 and GPT4: An AI chatbot that can answer any question

When this tool came out to the public, we felt a lot of different things. We were amazed at first, then a little scared by what it could do. You can ask ChatGPT anything through text prompts, and "anything" really means anything in this case. It will answer your questions.

It gets the job done, whether it's a complicated coding question, a recipe for a dish you liked at a restaurant the other day or a story for a short film. Since ChatGPT came out, it has been compared to Google Search, which makes sense.

3.  Microsoft Bing is now offering free use of GPT 4 in chatbots

Microsoft gave money to OpenAI so that they could use GPT in their search engine and try to compete fairly with Google. The Bing AI assistant can help you with almost any job if you are using Microsoft Edge. The GPT model in Bing AI is the same as the one in ChatGPT. However, unlike ChatGPT, you don't have to pay to use the more powerful GPT 4 model in Bing AI.

4. Google Bard: Talk to Google's intelligent chatbot

It was doubtful that Google would keep silent when Microsoft entered the war with its investment in OpenAI and the integration of GPT into Bing. The solution that Google provided was called Bard, and it is a chatbot that is powered by their massive language model known as PaLM. The most significant benefit of using Google Bard as opposed to ChatGPT is that it is able to utilize the Google Search database in order to offer you results that are current.

You may ask Google Bard for assistance with anything, and it will do its utmost to meet your needs in that regard. From assisting you with the writing of content to assisting you with the resolution of a code issue. Google Bard has just received an upgrade that introduced an additional degree of refinement, which now reacts with a higher level of precision. Despite this, the GPT model has been trained on a greater number of parameters, and it remains the most effective big language model that is currently available.

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5. Eleven Labs debuts human-sounding text-to-speech tool

While text-to-speech isn't new, most TTS voices seem artificial, and listeners may easily spot the TTS. Eleven Labs allows you to generate natural-sounding synthetic voices from the text. These voices are available for use in videos, Instagram reels, and other media where dialogue is necessary. This will save you the time and trouble of recording good sound. The software may also be used to have text-heavy publications read aloud to you.

A variety of voices with unique qualities are available for your selection. Languages other than English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Hindi can also be utilized to create a synthetic voice with this program. If you aren't satisfied with Eleven Labs' predefined voices, you may make a new one by adjusting the settings yourself.

The free edition only allows you to convert 2500 words at a time and create up to three voices, with a monthly restriction of 10,000 words per account. You may upgrade to a premium version with more vocab and access to Eleven Labs' other free artificial intelligence products, which include a high-quality voice cloner.

6. With BlueWillow AI, you can make free photorealistic images of high quality

In June, Midjourney stopped giving its users a free plan. The closest free option we could find was Blue Willow. Like Midjourney, it can be used on Discord to let you type in questions and take pictures. Blue Willow uses a mix of AI models, and one of them is the well-known Stable Diffusion model.

All you have to do is type in a thorough prompt that includes the art style and the subject or item. The tool will then give you four images that you can download. Even though the results may not be as good as Midjourney 5, they are more than good enough for a free tool. In the free version, you can use ten prompts per day and make five requests at the same time. In the paid version, there are more asks and prompts.

7. Microsoft Designer, an AI-powered tool for graphics

Visuals and images are important if you want to give your topic more meaning. In the past, logo drawing took a lot of time. But with AI tools, the process can be finished in seconds. One of these tools is Microsoft Designer, which you can use for free on your web computer if you have a Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Designer is a tool that lets you make charts quickly by following prompts. The tool lets you add colorful pictures and fonts that catch the eye, and the end is a polished graphic. With this tool, you can make banners, signs, Instagram posts, video clips, and more. For more information, you can take a look at our in-depth guide to Microsoft Designer.

8. Wonder Dynamics is a beautiful AI CGI tool

With Wonder Dynamics VFX studio, making CGI material has never been easier. You can make a CGI movie in just a few minutes. The AI-powered tool automatically animates, handles lighting, composes CG characters, and makes live-action scenes to replace people in the video.

Wonder Dynamics is free to try, but you can only make CGI scenes with the figures and images from their design. With the paid version, you can add your templates and figures to get the most out of the tool. This is a big step forward for the visual effects business, and the Russo brothers are using this tool for a new Netflix movie!

9. Codeium: Best free AI coding tool

If you are new to the world of writing, it can be hard to understand a long piece of code. Codeium is an AI tool that can help you solve this problem. Using Codeium, you can ask questions in natural language to look through the code source.

It's called a "code acceleration toolkit," and it has a feature that helps you edit your code. The tool also works with all of the most common programming languages. Also, anyone can use the tool for free for as long as they want. Using Codeium can help you get better at making software, so it is clear that it can help you improve.

10. Automate numerous tasks with AgentGPT

You may have noticed that ChatGPT completes one job at a time. You must frequently add instructions to accomplish a multi-task project. AutoGPT lets you enter project data and automatically construct and execute all tasks.

AutoGPT also accesses other tools, the internet, and computer files. AgentGPT is a free browser-based AutoGPT program. Based on your suggestion, it generates tasks, offers feedback, and seeks resources as it finishes. A full instruction on using AutoGPT for free is available.

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