10 Must-Know Computer Hacks to Save Time

Updated on September 27, 20:33

By meghana-kulkarni

10 Must-Know Computer Hacks to Save Time

We all lead hectic lives both within and outside of the workplace, therefore time is often of the essence. We want - and need - things to be as simple and plain as possible so that we can fit everything we need into our day. 

Technology is one of many areas in our society that is rapidly changing, and many of the devices, applications, programs, and software we use every day are meant to streamline and speed up the tasks we perform on a regular basis. While you may easily use your desktop or laptop every day, there is another universe of time-saving, life-changing computer hacks to discover. 

In this article, we will discuss 10 computer hacks to maximize those minutes and make your online activity as time-savvy and fun.

10 computer hacks as follows:

Opening tabs

While launching a tab the 'conventional' approach - by clicking the 'new tab' button at the top of your browser - does not take long, there is a way to make this brief activity even faster. If you press Ctrl + T, you may see the magic happen in the blink of an eye.

Tab grouping

Staying on the topic of browsers, if you're a Google Chrome user who's driven insane by the number of tabs open throughout your online time - but you know you need them all - this one's for you. When you right-click one of your tabs, you'll get the option to "add tab to new group". After that, you may give your group a title and a color, allowing you to instantly clean and collect all relevant tabs in one location!

Image download shortcut

So, you're on Google and want to download an image - what do you do? Of course, the 'old-school' right click and saving image technique works, but what if you are told that hitting Alt and clicking on the image will download it in record time? It does, so give it a shot!

Managing multiple tabs

So, you could have a lot of tabs open when you're online, but what if you also have a bunch of other windows open? With all the clicking, switching between applications can be time-consuming, but pressing the Alt and Tab keys will reveal a thumbnail representation of all the windows you have open, and to move from one to the next quickly, just press the Tab key again - it's a firm favorite!

Accelerating start-up

Are you irritated by how long it takes your device to power on and load your desktop? It could be a matter of too much ‘icon clutter’. If you have a lot of individual icons on your screen, it can make your computer perform significantly slower; the answer is to organize the icons into folders and pin whatever apps you can to your taskbar.

Quickly minimizing windows

So, we've all been there, with a million and one windows open at the same time - it's a minefield trying to figure out which one you want next. However, if you open a window and click the top bar, shake it - yes, really! - see what happens. It automatically minimizes all other windows you had open.

Using the Task Manager

While many people are familiar with the Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut for accessing Task Manager, it does not take you directly to the program. Instead, pressing Ctrl + Alt + Esc will open the software straight, which is essential if your computer has crashed and you want to see which applications are consuming your device's energy.

Restoring a previously deleted tab

If you unintentionally close a tab and wish to reopen it, simply press Ctrl + Shift + T - no more sifting through your browsing history to discover the web page you were on.

Making use of emojis

When it comes to messaging, we all enjoy a good emoji, but what about when you're writing an email or taking notes on your computer? You can access the emoji library by pressing the Windows key and the full stop at the same time. You may then either scroll through the library of faces, meals, and flags until you discover what you're looking for or put it in and it will return the results of your search.

Keeping Christmas presents hidden

The 'C' word is approaching, and if you haven't already begun shopping for gifts, you're probably thinking about it. But, if you share a home computer and don't want your loved ones to see what you've been shopping online, did you know you can surf in 'Incognito Mode'?

This means Chrome will no longer keep your browsing history or cookies, which monitor your most recently visited web pages. This mode is accessible by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser or pressing Ctrl + Shift + N - and allows you to keep any present purchases hidden until the big day.

Time is of the essence because our daily lives, both at and outside of work, are so chaotic. Since our time is limited, we prefer everything to be as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.

We have listed 10 computer hacks that can help you save lot of time.

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