7 qualities that make a good hotel | Hotel looking good

Updated on September 21, 17:03

By meghana-kulkarni

7 qualities that make a good hotel | Hotel looking good

Good hotels pay attention to everything, from the decor to the furniture to the services they offer. 

Now, what makes a good hotel? Guests should feel special and cared for by small things like fresh flowers, free water bottles, and good toiletries. Good hotels also make sure that everything works, from the Wi-Fi to the air conditioning.

In this article, we will share seven qualities of a good hotel:

• Strong management

The management of a hotel should always make sure that their staff is at the top of their game by making plans for how they want things to run behind the scenes. Most of this work may not be seen at all by customers, but it's important to have management in place in case their staff needs help. This is what makes a good hotel.

• Best customer service

Everyone on staff should know how to give great customer service at all times. This should go without saying.

If you want to stay at a hotel where the staff is very friendly, you're probably going to have a good time. On the other hand, if their staff is rude or unfriendly, you can expect to have a bad time. When a customer walks into a hotel, the first thing they notice is the staff. If they are rude, it's possible that the service will be bad all around. 

Customers should also be able to find out how to get in touch with the hotel's complaints department on its website. This way, if anything goes wrong during their stay, they can let management know. This is important because it gets rid of the need for customers to leave feedback on "Review" sites like TripAdvisor and Expedia after they check out of the hotel, since they may not always have time to do so before heading home.

• The food and beverages

Breakfast buffet and happy hour, people. One of the finest things that may happen to you at a hotel is rolling out of bed in a Balinese resort, trudging down to the hotel restaurant, and being met by the sight of a jaw-dropping buffet breakfast. A fantastic buffet breakfast or a fantastic happy hour with superb beverages at a reasonable price may make any hotel visit more pleasurable and memorable.

• Maintain hygiene

Cleanliness is what makes a good hotel. Customers expect their rooms to always be clean and tidy, or else the hotel can expect a bad review. Also, rooms that are clean get more people than ones that aren't.

With great technology like cameras on smartphones, it's easy to take a picture anywhere in the world today. This means that pictures of bad hotels with messy rooms are more likely to be posted online for everyone to see, whether or not the photo is real. Imagine staying in a 'dirty' hotel room where there is dirt everywhere and hair on the bedsheets. Who would want to go back after seeing this?

• Pricing matters

Price is important to both customers and businesses in the world we live in today. If you're looking for a cheap hotel, you should check out the hotels websites because they usually have deals on rooms that can save you up to 70%. Also, many hotels have open cancellation policies that let customers cancel their bookings without being charged or get a full return, minus any fees that the bank may have charged.

• Choose the best location

Make sure you pick the right site, this serves to be one of the best qualities of a good hotel, it has a lot to do with whether or not people will want to stay there. No matter how good the service or rooms are, no one would stay there if it's not a place that people would want to visit.

By doing some research, you can find out how close a hotel is to airports, train stops, restaurants, and other places of interest in the area. You can decide if it's worth it to book a room there based on this information.

The price will also depend a lot on where it is. If you want to stay in a hotel downtown or near the beach, you should know that you will mostly also pay for the location.

• Make sure the hotel is a peaceful retreat

The atmosphere of the hotel is also important to how relaxed a guest feels there. For example, if a person stays at a five-star hotel with nice rooms, but the streets are full of drunk people who make a lot of noise, they may not be happy with their stay because they can't do anything about it. So, the atmosphere of a hotel can make or break it. It's important for customers to feel happy in their rooms, even though they may be exposed to things like food smells from restaurants, noise levels in the area, and traffic patterns outside. 

But customers also expect close conveniences like shops, public transportation stops, and places that are worth visiting. After all, you wouldn't want to spend hours driving just to get to your hotel, only to find that there's nothing to do nearby.

It's important to think about these 7 things that a good hotel should have. This includes the service, the cleaning, the price, the location, the way the hotel is run, and the atmosphere. Make sure you know how much other hotels are charging so you don't pay too much for your stay but don't forget that quality is just as essential. Consider these things when booking a hotel for your next trip or holiday to make sure you have a good time.


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