A Simple guide on how to delete pins on Pinterest

Updated on September 6, 11:08

By meghana-kulkarni

A Simple guide on how to delete pins on Pinterest

Do you want to declutter your Pinterest boards? This tutorial will walk you through the process of deleting pins on your Pinterest in just a few simple steps.

Though it doesn't take long to remove a pin you've created or saved on Pinterest, it's important to remember that doing so removes the pin from your account forever. If you decide at a later time that you wish to save the photo again, you will need to locate it first.

You can edit a pin instead of deleting it and starting over if you want to change the board, area, title, description, or website that goes with it. Scroll down to learn how to change a pin, or keep reading to find out how to delete pins on your Pinterest that are taking up space on your Pinterest boards right now.

You will need:
An account on Pinterest
A cell phone or computer

How to delete pins on Pinterest?

>Click on the picture of yourself in the upper right corner spot: This will look like your personal picture, or if you don't have one set, it will be your beginning.

>Select the pin you want to get rid of: You can find one in your Saved or Boards area. You can use these steps for both pins you made yourself and ones you saved from Pinterest.

>Click the three dots: This will bring up a list of more choices.

>Click the Edit Pin button: This should be the first accessible choice to make.

>Simply press the Delete button: The Delete button will be in the pop-up window's bottom left corner.

>To verify, please press Delete once more: That wraps it up! You have successfully removed a pin.


After Picking the Pin





When you delete pins on Pinterest, what really happens?

The technique for deleting an item, whether made by you or saved from Pinterest, is the same. Remove a pin from your main feed and save it to a board just as you remove a pin generated by uploading a photo, adding a link, and writing a description.
Even if you delete a post that you created (by uploading a photo and entering data), it will remain available on the boards of other users who have saved it. Despite the fact that you created the pin, it will be removed from the board.

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