Apple is testing a ChatGPT like chatbot called as "Apple GPT".

Updated on July 20, 20:41

By Digishaz

Apple is testing a ChatGPT like chatbot called as "Apple GPT".

According to a recent report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple is currently in the process of developing artificial intelligence tools with the aim of competing against industry leaders like OpenAI and Google. The company has even created a chatbot, internally referred to as "Apple GPT," which is based on large language models – AI-based systems that power platforms such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and Google's Bard.

To build these language models, Apple has created its framework, codenamed "Ajax," which runs on Google Cloud and was developed using Google JAX, the search giant's machine learning framework. This framework serves as the foundation for Apple's internal ChatGPT-style tool.

While Apple has not yet finalized its strategy for releasing this technology to the public, the company is planning to make a significant AI-related announcement in the coming year. The development of the chatbot faced some delays initially due to security concerns surrounding generative AI. However, it has now been made available to more Apple employees, albeit with special approval for access. Despite this expansion, any output generated by the chatbot cannot be used to develop customer-bound features.

One of the primary uses of the chatbot among Apple employees is aiding in product prototyping. It can summarize text and provide answers to questions based on the data it has been trained with. Although Apple's chatbot shares similarities with existing offerings like Bard, ChatGPT, and Bing AI, it currently does not have any unique features that set it apart from commercially available solutions.

In light of the rapid release of generative AI products by competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Meta, Apple has been actively seeking generative AI talent. The company has posted job openings on its career page to find experts in this field, specifically engineers with a deep understanding of large language models and generative AI.

While Apple has integrated AI features into its products and applications for several years, it has been relatively cautious compared to others in the industry. However, with increasing consumer demand for generative AI tools for tasks such as essay drafting and image creation, Apple is now focusing on catching up to its competitors.

The report emphasizes that Apple is prioritizing the addressing of potential privacy concerns related to artificial intelligence. Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has previously stated that although the company will incorporate AI into more of its offerings, it will do so thoughtfully and responsibly.

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