Fujitsu and Riken Reveals Second Quantum Computer

Updated on October 13, 10:25

By Digishaz

Fujitsu and Riken Reveals Second Quantum Computer

Fujitsu and the research center Riken announced that they have successfully built Japan's second quantum computer. This is part of a global effort to make this new technology useful.

Fujitsu and Riken's 64-qubit quantum computer will be combined with a 40-qubit quantum computer model. This is the effort by experts to eliminate the mistakes that keep these systems from giving correct results.

Sato, who controls Fujitsu's quantum laboratory, told reporters, "It's kind of a first or second step. We still have a long way to go."

Quantum computers could be a million times faster than the supercomputers. Governments and companies like Alphabet (GOOGL.O) and IBM (IBM.N) are putting a lot of money into the research.

The USA, China, and other industrial countries want to lead the way technologies like quantum computing. US President Joe Biden is stopping the United States from investing in China's effort to develop this technology.

The Way Forward

To develop the largest quantum computer with 1,000 bits of information, Fujitsu and RIKEN will continue their collaboration in the RQCFujitsu Collaboration Center. They will share the technologies they invented using a new, hybrid quantum platform.

This will also support the research and development of quantum computing modeling techniques and software technology integrated with high-performance computing. Fujitsu works with Fujifilm Corporation (5), Tokyo Electron Limited (6), Mizuho DI Financial Technology Co., Ltd. (7), and Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation to create cutting-edge quantum apps that use quantum models.

Fujitsu and RIKEN would like to speed up their joint research and also want to broaden their search for useful quantum hybrid applications in many areas including materials, finance, and the discovery of new drugs.


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