Google Bard Ai can now respond with voice

Updated on July 14, 14:44

By Digishaz

Google Bard Ai can now respond with voice

Google Bard Ai latest feature

The latest update to Google's artificial intelligence (AI) Bard chatbot includes the ability to respond with spoken words as well as text.
Additionally, Google Bard's Ai language skills have been expanded to include more response controls. Bard can now provide answers in over 40 languages.

Those languages ​​include Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi, and Spanish, according to Google, which has expanded access to Bard to new regions such as Brazil and Europe.

“As we bring Bard to more regions and languages over time, we’ll continue to use our AI Principles as a guide, incorporate user feedback, and take steps to protect people’s privacy and data,” Google added.

Google has added the ability for Bard to read out answers instead of just providing them in text.

“Starting today, you can listen to Bard’s responses. This is especially helpful if you want to hear the correct pronunciation of a word or listen to a poem or script,” said Google.
“Simply enter a prompt and select the sound icon to hear Bard’s answers.”

It also made it possible to adjust the tone of the bard's response with options like "Simple, Long, Short, Professional, Casual".

“For example, you can ask Bard to help you write a marketplace listing for a vintage armchair and then shorten the response using the drop-down,” it said.
Google said the answer control is currently only available in English, but plans to expand to other languages ​​soon.

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