How does SpaceX make money

Updated on October 3, 22:15

By meghana-kulkarni

How does SpaceX make money

SpaceX is a subsidiary of Space Exploration Technologies Corp., a U.S.-based space company. It is involved in aeronautics, spacecraft and rocket development, and aerospace communications agencies. SpaceX is headquartered in Hawthorne, California, and was founded by Elon Musk in 2002 at the time of the year for spaceflight cost improved and reduced. Musk has finally announced his goal of sending people to Mars.

You must be curious about how does SpaceX make money. In this article, we will elaborate on the 4 ways SpaceX uses to make money.

How does SpaceX make money?

Building rockets and spaceships: 

The factory manufactures rockets, spacecraft, and other products for its own use and for third parties. NASA is a big customer, SpaceX has billion-dollar contracts to build spacecraft starting in 2006 and lasting.

Getting people and things into space:

The moving company provides logistics and supply services to NASA’s International Space Station. These services include sending and receiving astronauts. In 2020, a deal was signed to do the same for the Moongate Space Station. The business also provides transportation services for business needs such as satellite installations. SpaceX also offers space tourism services, offering people the chance to experience space for $100,000.

Communication satellites in orbit:

SpaceX enables government and private companies to launch satellites. It also created and launched its own satellite network, Starlink, with the intention of monetizing it as a global internet service provider.

National defense missions:

SpaceX also operates in the US. government military services. Department of the Army and U.S. Department of Defense. The Air Force Space and MissileSystems Center are two of these customers.

The company SpaceX is one of a kind and very interesting. It is breaking new ground in both business and science. In recent years, it has become an important tool for NASA, the Defense Department, businesses, and people who want to experience something special by traveling in space. SpaceX is a private company, so individual investors can't put money into it right now. However, for a million dollars, they might be able to buy the event of a lifetime.


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