How to leave a Slack workspace: A complete guide

Updated on August 14, 15:13

By Digishaz

How to leave a Slack workspace: A complete guide

If you don't want to stay in a Slack workspace anymore but can't figure out how to leave a Slack workspace, it's because the process isn't as easy as it should be.

There's another way to leave the workspace by yourself besides asking the admin to do it for you. Let's look at how to leave a Slack workspace and what happens when you leave.

Do you want to leave Slack workspace? What happens if you do?

If you leave the workspace, you can only come back if the admin allows you. Make sure that you really want to leave the office and not just sign out. When you leave a Slack workspace, the following things happen:

  1.  You won't lose any of the messages or files you sent.

  2.  It won't get rid of your profile information, such as your name, picture, email address, job title, etc. If you want it gone, ask the owner of the workspace to ask Slack to delete your name.

  3. The Slack apps you added will be turned off, but the owner can turn them back on.

  4. When you leave one workspace, it doesn't change any other workspaces you may be connected to.

  5. If you are the main owner of the workspace, you can't leave until you give the workspace to someone else.

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How to leave a Slack workspace?

• Open the profile of the workspace you're leaving

• Click your profile photo

• Select More (...)

• Click Account settings and scroll down

• Deactivate your account

• Insert your password and click confirm

• Select yes, and deactivate my account

• Deactivate my account

Quit Slack workspaces if you are not active

Slack confuses switching workspaces with account deactivation, yet they're the same. Follow the above-mentioned procedures to deactivate your account if you can't reach the admin. Note that deleting your account in one workspace doesn't affect the others.

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