Which are the three required parts of a text ad?

Updated on September 30, 7:37

By meghana-kulkarni

Which are the three required parts of a text ad?

It is very important for your business to know which are the three required parts of a text ad and how to best use them to get people to visit your website. You have seen text ads on Google if you have used it. This is a marketing tool that Google gives you to help your business: text ads. When you type in a relevant query, these ads show up above the normal search results in a way that looks like Google's search results.

It's likely that you clicked on Google Ads text ad without realizing it. This is because good text ads mix in with the search results. People will be drawn to your website if you make shows that look like real search results. It also means that people will find your website when they are looking for a service or product like the one you offer. What could go together better?

Text ads on Google Ads have three main parts: the headline, the URL, and the description. You don't have to use ad extensions, but if you do, they can make your ad more valuable. Writing interesting copy for these three necessary parts of a text ad will get more people to click on them and lead to more sales.

In this article, we will look into which are the three required parts of a text ad:


The part of a text ad that shows up as a blue, underlined link is the headline. A text ad needs three things: this is one of them, and it's also the thing that draws the eye. People will scroll right past your ad if it doesn't have an interesting headline.

Remember that Google Ads text ads show up next to real results. To get more people to click on your ad, you should make it look like a real Google search result.

There must be 30 characters or less in each of the three titles. Make sure that the headlines of your ads are interesting and linked to the search terms that bring them up. More clicks will come your way if you use these headlines to say short things about your product.


The second component that must be present in a text ad is your URL. The creative writing can be in the URL because it's what the viewer sees and what page they go to when they click. This is your "final URL" and this is your "display URL".

When you type a question into Google, the URLs of all the results show up in green above the blue headline. The display URL is the last URL for normal search results. If the show URL says ">blog,"it means that the link goes to This works differently than Google Ads text ads, where the end land may look different from the link that is shown.


Of the three things that must be in a text ad, description is the third. The description is an article that shows up below the blue headline in a Google search result or text ad. Up to 90 characters are allowed. It can be as brief as one line.

The length of the statement is up to you. You might only need a short statement like"Learn more about PPC here" to get people to visit your site. Furthermore, a more detailed explanation can also be useful, especially if you have access to creative writers. A description is 90 characters long to make sure that you give the user what they want.


Read our article on which are the three required parts of a text ad. It will help you sell your enterprise right away. To be successful with digital ads, you need to know how to use them. You can show off your offered product or service in headlines, URLs, and descriptions. To get the most out of a text ad, you need to know which keywords to use. Keywords aren't covered in this post, but you should learn about them next.

Use what you've learned about how text ads are put together along with powerful keyword research tools and dynamic keyword placement to get more clicks and sales. It's very helpful to know how to use Google Ads text ads because they work really well.

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